Amber History, Chapter 6

Six months had passed since Random took the Jewel of Judgment from the Unicorn and became King of Amber. Six months filled with a new ruler learning just how complex Kingship can be. Six months of siblings arguing over a line of succession. Six months of relative peace in Amber.

Six months since Corwin was last seen, speaking to a Chaosian guard after the battle with Brand. Six months since Fiona determined another Pattern had sprung into existence, and that it belongs to Corwin. Six months spent fruitlessly searching for the path to Corwin’s Pattern, and the power it holds. Six months of Shadowstorms roaming throughout shadow, damaging and destroying anything in their path. Six months of shadows simply disappearing, there one moment and gone the next.

Six months since the War with Chaos was called to a ceasefire, there at the edge of the Abyss. Six months since Dara seethed at her family, choosing to remain in the Courts. Six months of rumors of armies massing on either side of Ygg, ready to begin the war again at a moment’s notice. Six months of messages to the Lords of Chaos going unanswered, messengers never returning.

Six months of all of this weighing on the shoulders of Random. Six months of dreaming of Texorami, of the sky sailing he used to be free to do.

And after Six months was when the real trouble began…

- Excerpt from Amber, A Brief History by Errol Jennings

Six Months

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