Six Months

Caine Is As Obnoxious As She Remembers
In Which Matt Writes An Adventure Log And Leaves Out A Bunch Of Stuff That He Forgets, Which Is Another Good Reason This Should All Be Done Soon After The Session Ends, So Get Your Journals In, Hoes

In Amber

Random and Fiona take Gabriella away with no explanation. Gerard drinks. Benedict speaks briefly, asking specific questions, then leaves.

Aaron, Clara, and Florian arrive. Clara professes ignorance of Warrent’s location.

Florian and Millie leave, talk about family etiquette and history, examine Florian’s head, head to the library to get Trumps but only to find Caine and a single Trump of Corwin. Caine invites them to dinner and anyone else that they trust.

Ivan drinks and tries to find the Pattern, but is unsuccessful. Ivan may have also tried to find the King, but was unsuccessful. Ivan also finds a racquetball court in the Castle, and soon finds himself playing with Julian, a far superior player. As part of a bet, Ivan must now sit next to Julian at the next family gathering.

Millie and Florian eat with Caine in the town of Amber. Millie elaves after dinner, and Florian drinks with Caine and then they head back to the castle.

Aaron leaves castle Amber.

Millie and Ivan are dragged out of their rooms by Fiona. They meet with Florian and are told Aaron stole the Jewel of Judgment.


Warrent has a fun solo adventure in an odd house. After drawing something that suspiciously resembles a dark Pattern, he teleports back to Amber.

The Nature of the Beast
At some point picking on Drew won't be funny anymore. But we're not there yet

In Amber

Ivan finally gets to thefting the book for Bleys. He then trumps Bleys, and exits

In Gerard’s Shadow

Gabriella, Bleys, and Clara all find themselves captive of Abdima and the army. After a bit of information gathering, they prove that the army has insufficient Amberite defenses, and head out. The end up on a bit of a detour, finding themselves in a strangely familiar cottage. A brief bit of investigation later, and the three trum tp Aaron’s location

In Arcadia

Ra and Warrent try their hardest to get out of a barred room

Meanwhile, Florian passes out, and Millie finds herself at the mercy of the unstable Noon, who appears to have some measure of Pattern powers. A fight occurred outside of the zeppelin, damaging and destroying a decent amount of the shadow’s air force. Evewntually, the standoff with Noon reached it’s conclusion due to the timely arrival of Bleys, Clara, and Gabriella. A pistol shot in close, enclosed quarters resulted in a good amount of disorientation. When pursued to the cabin, Noon had apparently Patterened away.

Everyone else arrives on board the Indomitable, and Millie and Aaron have an exchange of words regarding usage of Pattern. The party got a speech from Bleys, talking about fake universes, fraying Patterns, and beings from the Abyss. Everyone then trumped into Amber.


After a tense confrontation between Benedict and Bleys, most of the party follows Bleys to his quarters. Gabriella went (invisibly) straight for the throne room, and surprising Fiona, got mind raped. Millie and Ra arrived shortly thereafter, and attempted to help Gabriella. Unfortunately, something triggered in her mind, and Gabriella began shapeshifting to something far less human. A Battle ensued in the throne room, causing a significant amount of destruction, and requiring Benedict’s intervention (and the use of the Jewel by Random) to subdue the raging servant.

On a Parapet of Castle Amber

Clare and Warrent, after discussing Abdima, and the need for someone to be in danger to keep Random and the other Amberites focused, reach a ledge. Clare then pushes Warrent off, tossing him a single trump card, of a black expanse. With little choice other than trump or splat, Warrent uses the trump, finding himself back in his familiar cell.
First Frost
In which things continue to go south

At Gerards

Warrent, stuck once more in a room with his nemesis, turns and flees. He runs into the kitchen, and after barricading the door, Pattern conjures up a basement, complete with trap door. He then hides. After a bit, he finds a powderkeg and a torch, and ventures upstairs.

Meanwhile, after watching Gerard do the heavy lifting, Ra flees inside, where he encounters Warrent’s Adversary. A brief struggle ensues, which is interrupted by Warrent returning from his sojourn, and accidentally lighting the keg, blowing up half of Gerard’s

Above the Army

Bleys and Clara make short work of the assembled forces. Millie and Florian escape on their horses, headed on a roundabout way back to Gerard’s. On theri way, Electra is struck by an arrow, and they are assaulted by some kind of shadow creature, which seems to amplify the effects of the arrows. The creature is dissipated when Aaron arrives, riding directly through it. The three then head back to Gerard, arriving in time to see the explosion. They pull Ra and Warrent from the wreckage, as well as Aaron’s Sketchbook. They then make their way away using PAttenr to go to a shadow of Millie’s.

In Arcadia

The party arrives and splits up some. In the morning, Aaron has won a fair bit of cash, as well as a spiffy new uniform. He, Millie and Florian head up in the Indomitable, a massive Zepplin with a number of Recon planes attached. After their flight, the return to find the zepplin has come under the control of a certain madman from Millie’s past…
Comings and Goings
Seriously, Drew should've seen that coming

In Gerard’s Shadow

The party gets Flora settled, and heads to bed themselves.

The following day, Millie and Florian head into a nearby town, to see what there is to do. Ra sleeps all day. Gabriella insists on cleaning a house that Gerard insists on keeping dirty.

In town, Millie and Florian encounter a carnival and avail themselves of it’s diversions. Interestingly enough, they both have their tarot fortune told, and both receive the exact same fortune, with the exact same cards, in the exact same position. Strange. They also have a brief run-in with Jason the vertically challenged leader of the carnival, who seems to have a history with Gerard and Random both.

On the Wrong side of Ygg

Warrent and Clara make ready to follow the army out of the Shadow they’re currently in. As the army departs, the landscape seems to freeze and crack. Despite some bad luck, Warrent successfully manages to follow the army to it’s destination: Gerard’s Shadow

In Gerard’s Shadow

Curious as to where Ivan has been all day, the party opens the door to his room to find Bleys sitting in a chair, and Ivan no where to be seen. Bleys insists that Ivan has stepped out, and will be back. Bleys demands some of the risotto everyone had for dinner, and otherwise acts like an ass.

After dinner, Warrent and Clara arrive, and inform everyone of the sudden Army. Everyone’s trumps freeze over, and become useless. Bleys, Clara, Florian and Millie go to scout out the army’s position and size. Gabriella and Llewella go to prepare Flora for transport. Gerard begins uprooting trees to make a cart for Flora, while Ra watches. Aaron draws, and Warrant proves just why he is a horrible Pattern user.

While surveying the army, Florian is struck by an arrow, and the assembled Amberites are ordered to surrender.

Ra is also struck by an arrow while aiding Gerard.

And finally, Warrent emerges from the kitchen to find Aaron gone, and the front door open. Looking at the drawing he left, Warrent sees four stick figures laying on the ground, one of them with an arrow sticking out of it’s shoulder. They are wearing: Short red hair, long red hair, an aviator’s cap, and a fool’s cap. While mulling this over, Warrent notices a familiar figure stading in the open door – the man who has cut him several times now.

Into Shadow
Amber combat is awesome

On the Grounds of Amber

The party (now minus Warrent) set out, Llewella shifting shadow and the rest keeping an eye out for trouble. For the most part, travel goes quickly and quietly. After a few rests, Llewella calls an abrupt halt in a snowy mountain pass, announcing that something has been following them, and has now caught up with them.

In a Snowy Pass, somewhere in Shadow

Her pronouncement is proven correct when a loud crack rings across the pass, and Ra is struck by a bullet. The party members spring into action, with Ivan tackling Llewella from her horse (and disrupting her Pattern shield). For his trouble, Ivan is shortly also caught with a bullet. Florian quickly began climbing up the cliff face towards the source of the sniper. He was followed by the injured Ivan and Ra.

Millie, on the other hand, double backed to ensure there was nothing behind them. On her way, she encountered a large Chaos demon, which easily flung her from her horse, and barreled toward where Llewella stood.

Meanwhile, on the narrow cliff ledge, Florian reaches the ledge, and sees the assailant. His attempt to sneak up on the sniper is unsuccessful, but his attempt for a literal disarmament is successful. At this point in time Ivan and Ra reach the top. Ra attempts to move around Florian, while Ivan unsuccessfully throws a snowball at the sniper (who is re-growing his arm). The snowball strikes Florian, throwing off his balance. He gets in Ra’s way, knocking Ra from the defile. Florian then quickly dispatches the sniper

At this point, the demon has reached Llewella, Gabriella, and Aaron. Gabriella takes some steps to protect herself, and begins thinking of her Mentor. Aaron takes a defense posture, putting himself between the beast and Llewella. Gabriella reaches out, and trips the demon. Aaron provides a fair amount of defense, preventing it from injuring either him, or Llewella. Ra, having found the quickest path to the ground, joins Aaron, as Millie plummets from the sky on Electra, landing on the back of the creature, and tearing it to shreds

the threat handled, the party quickly bandages, and begins moving again. Llewella announces they’re going to meet with Gerard, and possibly Flora.

At Gerard’s a pub in the middle of nowhere

The Party meets Gerard, and hears his account of the Chaosian activity in the area. Several of the injured members head to bed, and Ivan receives a mysterious trump contact. After the contact, Millie heads outside to check on Electra, and finds a gravely injured Flora riding in on a horse, unconscious

Somewhere on “the wrong side of Ygg”

Warrent awakens, and finds himself in a small encampment. After a bit of questioning, he finds that he was saved by a young woman named Clara, and her father Bleys. The two of them, along with some handpicked agents of Bleys, are keeping an eye on a massive army encamped in a valley. Bleys indicates that the general of that force was the man holding Warrent. He and his men have been harassing the force, and otherwise trying to determine what the army’s purpose was

Warrent spends time with the group, learning more about shadow, and how to use his new found Pattern powers. He sees Bleys grow visibly agitated and storm off after hearing news that the army’s general has apparently disappeared

The Dinner
Hey, pass the Bad Stuff

In the Castle Amber

The party prepares, and before long, it is dinner time. The young Amberites enter, and select their places. Already at the table are Random, Fiona, Julian, Llewella, and Benedict. Caine enters late, and sits next to Millie. Aaron, another apparent lost child, enters still later.

Dinner goes relatively uneventfully (for a dinner in Amber, anyway), and ends with Random announcing that the new members are undertaking a mission for him, and upon succeeding, they will all be recognized as proper Princes and Princesses of Amber. Their mission is to escort Llewella to the Courts of Chaos where she will assume the post of Ambassador of Amber.

After dinner, Fiona leads the young Amberites on a tour of the castle, taking them to the Pattern Room itself, while explaining how shadows work. Unfortunately, in a moment of laxity, Warrent left the main group, and stepped upon the Pattern. Somehow, he struggled through, and made it to the center of the Pattern, at which point he disappeared. Fiona dismissed the others, and began walking the Pattern herself.

In the morning, the expedition prepared, and set out.

Warrent, however, awoke in a dark cell somewhere deep in the earth. After a couple of failed escape attempts, he was laying in wait for his captor when someone appeared in a spray of rainbow colors. Surprising her, Warrent got a sword in the gut for his trouble.

Welcome to Amber
In which some folks realize bad stuff is bad

On a Shadow of Earth

We start the session off with Ivan (Chris) sitting on a park bench, drinking and minding his own business. Until he turns around, and finds that a man is sitting on the bench with him. The man had flaming red hair, a half-smoked cigar in one hand, and a fine crystal glass filled with an amber liquid in the other. The man explained that Ivan was not like the others in his world, and that he would shortly be collected. He asked Ivan to acquire an item from Fiona for him, a book with a red cover and the letter B embossed on the front. He also explained to Ivan that his aunt was the reason he was stuck here, not where he belongs, in Amber. Also of note, the Red-haired man told Ivan that he was Ivan’s father.

On a Shadow of Egypt

Ra (Drew) finds himself on the wrong end of a revolution. After finding that it’s far easier to smite people than it is to smite ideas, he finds his celestial citadel under assault by the massed members of his realm. He retreats to a more defensible position after becoming injured thanks to treachery in his ranks. Unfortunately, his “defensible position” is struck by an errant catapult shot, and he’s sent tumbling downward, taking numerous injuries in the process. He encounters Fiona, who after taking him to a holding shadow sends him off to Amber, where he promptly passes out from his injuries.

Somewhere in Endless Shadow

Millie (Matt) and her unnamed co-pilot find themselves on the front of a shadow storm. Her co-pilot exits stage left quickly, citing that she needed to go. Shortly thereafter, Millie encounters Fiona’s airship, flying in a bubble of calm air in the middle of the storm. Millie and Fiona talk, and Millie agrees to head to Amber. Fiona’s ship flies/sails into the great castle, and Millie spends a couple of days wandering the Castle.

In the Shadow City Shadow

Warrent (Pat) awakens in Police lockup, vaguely remembering a fight where he took a vicious blow to the head. After a bit of exploring his room, Warrent was no longer satisfied with being in lockup, and opened the door, using his strength. He found the precinct deserted, save for one man blocking the entrance. Dark hair, Dark eyes, dark skinned, he held a blade. He proclaimed that Warrent would have to die, and attacked him, expertly slicing and dicing Warrent. However, he abruptly stopped his assault and left. Shortly thereafter, Fiona arrived, and teleported Warrent to Amber, where Warrent promptly collapsed next to Ra

Somewhere in Guilder

Florian (Jonah) finds himself called before the Lord, and given a mission to persuade a fine young lass to show the Lord some attention. He arrives at the young woman’s room to find Fiona, standing over the body of the young lass. Fiona tells Florian his help is needed in Amber, and to simply walk through the door when he’s finished here. Fiona walks into the closet and disappears. Florian, in his incredible wisdom, begins looting the body of the deceased, just in time for the Lord to stride in, call him a murderer, and attack him. Florian takes a minor cut, and then quickly dispatches his former boss. A short bit of grave robbing later, and he finds himself on the grass of Amber, looking at the unconscious bodies of Ra and Warrent.

Inside the Castle Amber

Gabriella (Rob) find a note on her door that Fiona wishes to talk with her. When she arrives Fiona announces that due to Gabriella’s years of service, and other factors, Fiona and the King have decided to send her out from the castle. She will be accompanying a pack of princelings of Amber, and should do what she can to ensure they develop into proper Princes and Princesses of Amber. Fiona is leaving to gather them in the morning, and Gabriella should keep an eye out for them as they arrive and see that they are taken care of.

Back in a Shadow of Earth

Fiona shows up and collects Ivan, driving him to Amber, at least until the car stops working. At which point, they switch to horses. They are trailed by Julian for a time, but he fades back into the forest after Fiona pays him no attention

At the Castle

Injuries are mended, and everyone begins prepping for a state dinner that night. Several folks are threatened by Benedict.
Auction and Tagging

The Auction was held the other night. Yay

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