Six Months

Welcome to Amber

In which some folks realize bad stuff is bad

On a Shadow of Earth

We start the session off with Ivan (Chris) sitting on a park bench, drinking and minding his own business. Until he turns around, and finds that a man is sitting on the bench with him. The man had flaming red hair, a half-smoked cigar in one hand, and a fine crystal glass filled with an amber liquid in the other. The man explained that Ivan was not like the others in his world, and that he would shortly be collected. He asked Ivan to acquire an item from Fiona for him, a book with a red cover and the letter B embossed on the front. He also explained to Ivan that his aunt was the reason he was stuck here, not where he belongs, in Amber. Also of note, the Red-haired man told Ivan that he was Ivan’s father.

On a Shadow of Egypt

Ra (Drew) finds himself on the wrong end of a revolution. After finding that it’s far easier to smite people than it is to smite ideas, he finds his celestial citadel under assault by the massed members of his realm. He retreats to a more defensible position after becoming injured thanks to treachery in his ranks. Unfortunately, his “defensible position” is struck by an errant catapult shot, and he’s sent tumbling downward, taking numerous injuries in the process. He encounters Fiona, who after taking him to a holding shadow sends him off to Amber, where he promptly passes out from his injuries.

Somewhere in Endless Shadow

Millie (Matt) and her unnamed co-pilot find themselves on the front of a shadow storm. Her co-pilot exits stage left quickly, citing that she needed to go. Shortly thereafter, Millie encounters Fiona’s airship, flying in a bubble of calm air in the middle of the storm. Millie and Fiona talk, and Millie agrees to head to Amber. Fiona’s ship flies/sails into the great castle, and Millie spends a couple of days wandering the Castle.

In the Shadow City Shadow

Warrent (Pat) awakens in Police lockup, vaguely remembering a fight where he took a vicious blow to the head. After a bit of exploring his room, Warrent was no longer satisfied with being in lockup, and opened the door, using his strength. He found the precinct deserted, save for one man blocking the entrance. Dark hair, Dark eyes, dark skinned, he held a blade. He proclaimed that Warrent would have to die, and attacked him, expertly slicing and dicing Warrent. However, he abruptly stopped his assault and left. Shortly thereafter, Fiona arrived, and teleported Warrent to Amber, where Warrent promptly collapsed next to Ra

Somewhere in Guilder

Florian (Jonah) finds himself called before the Lord, and given a mission to persuade a fine young lass to show the Lord some attention. He arrives at the young woman’s room to find Fiona, standing over the body of the young lass. Fiona tells Florian his help is needed in Amber, and to simply walk through the door when he’s finished here. Fiona walks into the closet and disappears. Florian, in his incredible wisdom, begins looting the body of the deceased, just in time for the Lord to stride in, call him a murderer, and attack him. Florian takes a minor cut, and then quickly dispatches his former boss. A short bit of grave robbing later, and he finds himself on the grass of Amber, looking at the unconscious bodies of Ra and Warrent.

Inside the Castle Amber

Gabriella (Rob) find a note on her door that Fiona wishes to talk with her. When she arrives Fiona announces that due to Gabriella’s years of service, and other factors, Fiona and the King have decided to send her out from the castle. She will be accompanying a pack of princelings of Amber, and should do what she can to ensure they develop into proper Princes and Princesses of Amber. Fiona is leaving to gather them in the morning, and Gabriella should keep an eye out for them as they arrive and see that they are taken care of.

Back in a Shadow of Earth

Fiona shows up and collects Ivan, driving him to Amber, at least until the car stops working. At which point, they switch to horses. They are trailed by Julian for a time, but he fades back into the forest after Fiona pays him no attention

At the Castle

Injuries are mended, and everyone begins prepping for a state dinner that night. Several folks are threatened by Benedict.



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