Six Months

The Dinner

Hey, pass the Bad Stuff

In the Castle Amber

The party prepares, and before long, it is dinner time. The young Amberites enter, and select their places. Already at the table are Random, Fiona, Julian, Llewella, and Benedict. Caine enters late, and sits next to Millie. Aaron, another apparent lost child, enters still later.

Dinner goes relatively uneventfully (for a dinner in Amber, anyway), and ends with Random announcing that the new members are undertaking a mission for him, and upon succeeding, they will all be recognized as proper Princes and Princesses of Amber. Their mission is to escort Llewella to the Courts of Chaos where she will assume the post of Ambassador of Amber.

After dinner, Fiona leads the young Amberites on a tour of the castle, taking them to the Pattern Room itself, while explaining how shadows work. Unfortunately, in a moment of laxity, Warrent left the main group, and stepped upon the Pattern. Somehow, he struggled through, and made it to the center of the Pattern, at which point he disappeared. Fiona dismissed the others, and began walking the Pattern herself.

In the morning, the expedition prepared, and set out.

Warrent, however, awoke in a dark cell somewhere deep in the earth. After a couple of failed escape attempts, he was laying in wait for his captor when someone appeared in a spray of rainbow colors. Surprising her, Warrent got a sword in the gut for his trouble.



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