Six Months

Into Shadow

Amber combat is awesome

On the Grounds of Amber

The party (now minus Warrent) set out, Llewella shifting shadow and the rest keeping an eye out for trouble. For the most part, travel goes quickly and quietly. After a few rests, Llewella calls an abrupt halt in a snowy mountain pass, announcing that something has been following them, and has now caught up with them.

In a Snowy Pass, somewhere in Shadow

Her pronouncement is proven correct when a loud crack rings across the pass, and Ra is struck by a bullet. The party members spring into action, with Ivan tackling Llewella from her horse (and disrupting her Pattern shield). For his trouble, Ivan is shortly also caught with a bullet. Florian quickly began climbing up the cliff face towards the source of the sniper. He was followed by the injured Ivan and Ra.

Millie, on the other hand, double backed to ensure there was nothing behind them. On her way, she encountered a large Chaos demon, which easily flung her from her horse, and barreled toward where Llewella stood.

Meanwhile, on the narrow cliff ledge, Florian reaches the ledge, and sees the assailant. His attempt to sneak up on the sniper is unsuccessful, but his attempt for a literal disarmament is successful. At this point in time Ivan and Ra reach the top. Ra attempts to move around Florian, while Ivan unsuccessfully throws a snowball at the sniper (who is re-growing his arm). The snowball strikes Florian, throwing off his balance. He gets in Ra’s way, knocking Ra from the defile. Florian then quickly dispatches the sniper

At this point, the demon has reached Llewella, Gabriella, and Aaron. Gabriella takes some steps to protect herself, and begins thinking of her Mentor. Aaron takes a defense posture, putting himself between the beast and Llewella. Gabriella reaches out, and trips the demon. Aaron provides a fair amount of defense, preventing it from injuring either him, or Llewella. Ra, having found the quickest path to the ground, joins Aaron, as Millie plummets from the sky on Electra, landing on the back of the creature, and tearing it to shreds

the threat handled, the party quickly bandages, and begins moving again. Llewella announces they’re going to meet with Gerard, and possibly Flora.

At Gerard’s a pub in the middle of nowhere

The Party meets Gerard, and hears his account of the Chaosian activity in the area. Several of the injured members head to bed, and Ivan receives a mysterious trump contact. After the contact, Millie heads outside to check on Electra, and finds a gravely injured Flora riding in on a horse, unconscious

Somewhere on “the wrong side of Ygg”

Warrent awakens, and finds himself in a small encampment. After a bit of questioning, he finds that he was saved by a young woman named Clara, and her father Bleys. The two of them, along with some handpicked agents of Bleys, are keeping an eye on a massive army encamped in a valley. Bleys indicates that the general of that force was the man holding Warrent. He and his men have been harassing the force, and otherwise trying to determine what the army’s purpose was

Warrent spends time with the group, learning more about shadow, and how to use his new found Pattern powers. He sees Bleys grow visibly agitated and storm off after hearing news that the army’s general has apparently disappeared



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