Six Months

Comings and Goings

Seriously, Drew should've seen that coming

In Gerard’s Shadow

The party gets Flora settled, and heads to bed themselves.

The following day, Millie and Florian head into a nearby town, to see what there is to do. Ra sleeps all day. Gabriella insists on cleaning a house that Gerard insists on keeping dirty.

In town, Millie and Florian encounter a carnival and avail themselves of it’s diversions. Interestingly enough, they both have their tarot fortune told, and both receive the exact same fortune, with the exact same cards, in the exact same position. Strange. They also have a brief run-in with Jason the vertically challenged leader of the carnival, who seems to have a history with Gerard and Random both.

On the Wrong side of Ygg

Warrent and Clara make ready to follow the army out of the Shadow they’re currently in. As the army departs, the landscape seems to freeze and crack. Despite some bad luck, Warrent successfully manages to follow the army to it’s destination: Gerard’s Shadow

In Gerard’s Shadow

Curious as to where Ivan has been all day, the party opens the door to his room to find Bleys sitting in a chair, and Ivan no where to be seen. Bleys insists that Ivan has stepped out, and will be back. Bleys demands some of the risotto everyone had for dinner, and otherwise acts like an ass.

After dinner, Warrent and Clara arrive, and inform everyone of the sudden Army. Everyone’s trumps freeze over, and become useless. Bleys, Clara, Florian and Millie go to scout out the army’s position and size. Gabriella and Llewella go to prepare Flora for transport. Gerard begins uprooting trees to make a cart for Flora, while Ra watches. Aaron draws, and Warrant proves just why he is a horrible Pattern user.

While surveying the army, Florian is struck by an arrow, and the assembled Amberites are ordered to surrender.

Ra is also struck by an arrow while aiding Gerard.

And finally, Warrent emerges from the kitchen to find Aaron gone, and the front door open. Looking at the drawing he left, Warrent sees four stick figures laying on the ground, one of them with an arrow sticking out of it’s shoulder. They are wearing: Short red hair, long red hair, an aviator’s cap, and a fool’s cap. While mulling this over, Warrent notices a familiar figure stading in the open door – the man who has cut him several times now.



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