Six Months

First Frost

In which things continue to go south

At Gerards

Warrent, stuck once more in a room with his nemesis, turns and flees. He runs into the kitchen, and after barricading the door, Pattern conjures up a basement, complete with trap door. He then hides. After a bit, he finds a powderkeg and a torch, and ventures upstairs.

Meanwhile, after watching Gerard do the heavy lifting, Ra flees inside, where he encounters Warrent’s Adversary. A brief struggle ensues, which is interrupted by Warrent returning from his sojourn, and accidentally lighting the keg, blowing up half of Gerard’s

Above the Army

Bleys and Clara make short work of the assembled forces. Millie and Florian escape on their horses, headed on a roundabout way back to Gerard’s. On theri way, Electra is struck by an arrow, and they are assaulted by some kind of shadow creature, which seems to amplify the effects of the arrows. The creature is dissipated when Aaron arrives, riding directly through it. The three then head back to Gerard, arriving in time to see the explosion. They pull Ra and Warrent from the wreckage, as well as Aaron’s Sketchbook. They then make their way away using PAttenr to go to a shadow of Millie’s.

In Arcadia

The party arrives and splits up some. In the morning, Aaron has won a fair bit of cash, as well as a spiffy new uniform. He, Millie and Florian head up in the Indomitable, a massive Zepplin with a number of Recon planes attached. After their flight, the return to find the zepplin has come under the control of a certain madman from Millie’s past…



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