Six Months

The Nature of the Beast

At some point picking on Drew won't be funny anymore. But we're not there yet

In Amber

Ivan finally gets to thefting the book for Bleys. He then trumps Bleys, and exits

In Gerard’s Shadow

Gabriella, Bleys, and Clara all find themselves captive of Abdima and the army. After a bit of information gathering, they prove that the army has insufficient Amberite defenses, and head out. The end up on a bit of a detour, finding themselves in a strangely familiar cottage. A brief bit of investigation later, and the three trum tp Aaron’s location

In Arcadia

Ra and Warrent try their hardest to get out of a barred room

Meanwhile, Florian passes out, and Millie finds herself at the mercy of the unstable Noon, who appears to have some measure of Pattern powers. A fight occurred outside of the zeppelin, damaging and destroying a decent amount of the shadow’s air force. Evewntually, the standoff with Noon reached it’s conclusion due to the timely arrival of Bleys, Clara, and Gabriella. A pistol shot in close, enclosed quarters resulted in a good amount of disorientation. When pursued to the cabin, Noon had apparently Patterened away.

Everyone else arrives on board the Indomitable, and Millie and Aaron have an exchange of words regarding usage of Pattern. The party got a speech from Bleys, talking about fake universes, fraying Patterns, and beings from the Abyss. Everyone then trumped into Amber.


After a tense confrontation between Benedict and Bleys, most of the party follows Bleys to his quarters. Gabriella went (invisibly) straight for the throne room, and surprising Fiona, got mind raped. Millie and Ra arrived shortly thereafter, and attempted to help Gabriella. Unfortunately, something triggered in her mind, and Gabriella began shapeshifting to something far less human. A Battle ensued in the throne room, causing a significant amount of destruction, and requiring Benedict’s intervention (and the use of the Jewel by Random) to subdue the raging servant.

On a Parapet of Castle Amber

Clare and Warrent, after discussing Abdima, and the need for someone to be in danger to keep Random and the other Amberites focused, reach a ledge. Clare then pushes Warrent off, tossing him a single trump card, of a black expanse. With little choice other than trump or splat, Warrent uses the trump, finding himself back in his familiar cell.



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