Six Months

Caine Is As Obnoxious As She Remembers

In Which Matt Writes An Adventure Log And Leaves Out A Bunch Of Stuff That He Forgets, Which Is Another Good Reason This Should All Be Done Soon After The Session Ends, So Get Your Journals In, Hoes

In Amber

Random and Fiona take Gabriella away with no explanation. Gerard drinks. Benedict speaks briefly, asking specific questions, then leaves.

Aaron, Clara, and Florian arrive. Clara professes ignorance of Warrent’s location.

Florian and Millie leave, talk about family etiquette and history, examine Florian’s head, head to the library to get Trumps but only to find Caine and a single Trump of Corwin. Caine invites them to dinner and anyone else that they trust.

Ivan drinks and tries to find the Pattern, but is unsuccessful. Ivan may have also tried to find the King, but was unsuccessful. Ivan also finds a racquetball court in the Castle, and soon finds himself playing with Julian, a far superior player. As part of a bet, Ivan must now sit next to Julian at the next family gathering.

Millie and Florian eat with Caine in the town of Amber. Millie elaves after dinner, and Florian drinks with Caine and then they head back to the castle.

Aaron leaves castle Amber.

Millie and Ivan are dragged out of their rooms by Fiona. They meet with Florian and are told Aaron stole the Jewel of Judgment.


Warrent has a fun solo adventure in an odd house. After drawing something that suspiciously resembles a dark Pattern, he teleports back to Amber.



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