Current Status of the Elders

Elders current known locations. Also included are the cards their pictures occupy in Dworkin’s “standard” Trump Deck. Not that these mean anything at all. Yep, pay no attention to them, or possible meanings of the suits.

OberonPresumed DeadKing of Staves
BenedictAt AmberKing of Swords
BleysIn ShadowKing of Cups
BrandPresumed DeadKing of Pentacles
CaineIn ShadowJack of Swords
CorwinMissingJack of Staves
DiedrePresumed DeadQueen of Swords
DworkinMissingJack of Pentacles
EricPresumed DeadKnight of Staves
FinndoPresumed DeadThere is no card in Dworkin’s deck for Finndo
FionaAt AmberQueen of Pentacles
FlorimelAt AmberQueen of Cups
GerardAt AmberKnight of Cups
JulianAt AmberKnight of Swords
LlewellaAt AmberKnight of Pentacles
OsricPresumed DeadThere is no card in Dworkin’s deck for Osric
RandomAt AmberJack of Cups

Non Elders
MerlinIn Shadow
MartinIn Shadow
LukeIn Shadow

Explanation of statuses:
At Amber: The character is currently in Amber, or the surrounding shadows, or traveling back to Amber frequently.

In Shadow: The character is off in shadow, but is known to be alive within a recent time frame.

Missing: The character hasn’t been seen for a while, and may be alive, or dead

Presumed Dead: The character is presumed to have perished. Note that in Amber, seeing a body isn’t proof of anything, really.

Current Status of the Elders

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