Important Recent Events

  • Approached by a red-haired Amberite, who requested that Ivan retrieve a book from the Castle for him
  • Contacted again by the red haired man, who was very agitated when Ivan reported that he hadn’t claimed the book yet
  • Was missing from his room when the others went looking for him. Instead, they found Bleys
  • Acquired a book from Castle Amber
  • Seemed way to interested in just how to destroy the Pattern.
  • Played racquetball with Julian, eventually losing a bet, meaning he must sit beside Julian at the next family dinner.
  • Doesn’t accept Julian’s definition of “courage”

  • Was attacked by an unknown man, dark hair, dark eyes, dark complexion, with some skill with a blade.
  • Was threatened by Benedict when he attempted to go down the “forbidden” Fourth Floor Corridor.
  • After walking the Pattern, found himself a prisoner of the same dark man. The man seemed intent on keeping him alive, although should no problem injuring him.
  • Was seemingly rescued by a petite, pale red-haired woman, tho arrived in his cell in a burst of rainbows, and stabbed him when he surprised her.
  • Learned of the Pattern and Shadow from Clara, and her father, Bleys
  • Followed an army that froze and shattered the landscape as they teleported out.
  • Worst Pattern User Ever
  • Pushed off of Castle Amber by Clara, who insisted that someone needed to be in danger to keep everyone focused on the goal
  • Spent a while wandering through a strange house before finding a dark stone, and drawing a Pattern-like creation in a seemingly infinite room.

  • Was sized up and threatened by Benedict. Benedict said he did not approve of either Ra, nor what the king wanted him to do.
  • Badly injured in the fight with the Chaosians
  • Has an unusual magnet installed in his body that results in all projectiles unerringly hitting him in vital areas.

  • Was repeatedly elbowed by Caine at the dinner
  • Awoke to a dagger and letter from Caine embedded in the pillow next to her head.
  • Found Eric’s trump to be in use when trying to find who was trumping Ivan (also in use: Bleys, Random, Fiona, and Flora)
  • Received a fortune indicating that she was the victim of massive deceit, and somehow the King of Cups was the next step. The king of cups card took on an odd resemblance to a certain red haired elder for a moment.
  • Went off on Aaron and other Pattern users, following the episode on the Zeppelin.
  • Ate dinner with Caine and Florian in the City of Amber, and spent most of it visible agitated

  • Threatened by the head of the Carnival for singing too well.
  • Received a fortune indicating that he was the victim of massive deceit, and somehow the King of Cups was the next step
  • Knocked unconscious somehow in the Zeppelin
  • Warned by Caine about Millie’s secretive nature, and the danger of allowing oneself alone with family

  • Instructed by Fiona to escort a dignitary and the newly arrived Lost Children of Amber to the Courts of Chaos.
  • Was told by Benedict to sit at the head of the table, and not by Benedict.
  • Told by Aaron that she “disappeared” during the fight with the Chaosians.
  • When attempting to move through shadow, found herself at a familiar cabin. Grabbing a book from the shelf in the cabin resulted in a vision of herself apparently acquiring the book.
  • Transformed into a demon in the throne room after being mind-raped by Fiona
  • Benedict asked if Gabriella had been to a carnival, a cottage, or a castle during her time away from Amber.

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Important Recent Events

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