Anyone who signed up to do a Journal as their Character Contribution will have it posted here. Here’s how journals will work:

Between 9:30pm Thursday and 7:00pm the next Thursday, anyone who has signed up for a Journal will send me an email. In the title of the Email, you’ll tell me whether it’s a public, or a private Journal entry (certain parts may also be private – just make some sort of notation)

Then, I’ll post it to the Wiki, for you. Easy and simple. You send the email, I deal with the formatting and pages and stuff.

All Journals should be in the vicinity of 200-300 words, although longer is preferred. For the record, this page is around 200 words (169 to be exact), and took me maybe 5 minutes. Maybe

Player Journals

Journals written from the player’s perspective, giving me their opinion on the week’s events and how I handled them

Matt’s Player Journal
Jonah’s Player Journal
Drew’s Player Journal
Pat’s Player Journal

Character Journals

Journals written by the characters, talking about the events from the character’s perspective.

Millie’s Public Journal
Florian’s Public Journal
Ra’s Public Journal
Warrent’s Public Journal

GM’s Journal

What, like you guys are the only ones who have thoughts about how the game went? Anyway, this will be an optional section where I occasionally put my thoughts on how the week’s game went. Read it if you want to get a sense of just what goes on behind the screen.
Jon’s Gm Journal

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