Matt Final Thoughts

A final note on roleplaying before I take my leave.

For anyone who made it this far, this is the amount of work I put into my characters. Even a fraction of this can lead to truly awesome roleplaying experiences.

If you spend time in the beginning creating a real character, with real thoughts, real emotions, real ties, real goals, real enemies, and real friends, you have 98% of the hard work of gamign done. You’ve got a character who will tell YOU how she would respond to events and circumstances, and you can speak with her voice with ease.

In turn, the GM can create plots and stories reacting to what you’ve given him. Millie had Noon, Ruth, the Angels, Nebessa, and plots and relationships involving Caine, Llewella, Chaos, Amber, and everything in between. Having those made it easy for Jon to throw stuff at us and get me involved. Having Llewella be teh Ambassador? You know Millie will care. Throw Noon at us? Millie will care! Make Caine annoying and playing on Millie’s emotions? It brings out her weaknesses!

If the players spend a small amount of time creating REAL characters, then the game writes itself. No need for endless hours of prep by the GM. No need for endless retooling of characters and figuring out how to get involved in things. My journals took me only about 20 minutes each, despite how long they were. Why? Because Millie had a distinctive voice and it was easy to write from her perspective. 20 minutes a week is not that much to ask, especially if you just put in a couple hours at the beginning. I know I go overboard on detail, but even a small fraction will do wonders for you. Did anyone even have an NPC they created come up? We had all the Amberites, plus Aaron, Clara, and Pat’s nemesis, all of whom were created by Jon.

Anyway, thanks for humoring me with reading this, if you’ve gotten to this point.

I’ve just utterly failed in conveying this message no matter how many times I’ve tried. Thanks for the run, and I hope you have fun in any future games you may play together or apart.


Matt Final Thoughts

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