Millie Final Plans

This is part of an email I wrote to Jon after I sensed he was getting meh about the whole thing. I was hoping we could end with a good ending and not the random cliffhanger we left on. Plus, I wanted SOME amount of satisfaction for all the hard work I put into planning my final plot and scheme, and this brought about some of it. And this is one of the few games where it’s OK to kill other PCs, and Millie has plenty of reason to do so if you’ve read her journals. Especially if you’ve read all her other stuff I just posted, too. Anyway, this is the last of the stuff I had I feel is revelant and not TOO overwhelming.

End the game with a BANG. Let Millie use her Shadow and its inhabitants to launch an attack on Amber and/or some of the children of her generation she wants to kill: Ivan, Warrent, Aaron.

She has an entire shadow of elite commando units absolutely loyal to her. Throw in her twelve specific minions (or maybe use 6 of them, have 3 around her and 3 in reserve, whatever) each with some strike forces of the regular troops to perform tactical hits on specific Amberites or locations in Amber. Bring Ruth and Chaos Lords into the fold and you’ve got some truly potent forces here. Ruth and Millie can use Trump powers and a decent psyche to slow down/freeze/assault specific targets while the rest mop them up. Let some Chaos forces “attack” us on the way to going after Aaron. Millie can have us “escape” into her shadow or to one of her minions and promptly execute both Ivan and Warrent. Or take them into custody if you don’t want to kill them right away. If they’re in Nebessa, there ain’t SHIT they can do about it. I don’t care how strong they are, if they’re by themselves they can’t fight off an army. Even Corwin, Random, and Deirdre had to run from a handful of Eric’s troops.

Now granted, Millie hasn’t had this level of coordination with the chaos troops. You could either retcon it, since my journals indicate I’ve been “up to something”, or just use the arrival of chaos forces as an excuse for Millie to make her move. Her forces could be the ones that stem the tide, throw the balance in favor of Amber (getting Benedict to lead a large portion of elite forces? that’s some badass dangerous shit) and allow her to take our her tactical executions and specific targets in the process. Couple it with Ruth (and maybe a small contingent of Chaos Lords) throwing in with Millie and she’ll be heralded the heroine of Amber, just like her plan always was. And if some collateral damage happens, well, it was a confusing fight, so who knows where Ivan and Warrent went off to. Or they’re found, but no one knows how they specifically died. Or an exception is made since Millie now has a strong contingent in Amber with a lot of backers, and they’re grateful to her. At least for now.

Basically, show that proper roleplaying and scheming is more than a match for buying up high strength and warfare.

We can do that shit in one or two sessions, the rate the speed of Amber goes.


Millie Final Plans

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