Millie Minions

My email to Jon detailing the 12 minions Millie had under her, all based off of people from Amelia Earhart’s life, many of whom were members of the 99s, a group Earhart founded to celebrate women aviators. They were all created in Millie’s personal shadow of Nebessa and are based off the real life people, but are not the people themselves. Millie was honoring those from her “past life”. Each one has a bit of a personality and a task.

Also, did you know Amelia Earhart was a nurse during World War 1, and went to Columbia University for med school (though she did not finish). Good skill to note!

Anyway, here are the 12 angels, referred to as the 99s (even though there are 12 of them) and are all based off of a famous Aviatrix, friend, relative, or supporter of Amelia Earhart. I don’t expect you to remember any of these names at all (not sure I will either), but they are here for your information (as well as some background on each).

Millie’s Personal Guard – gets Millie out of trouble, crazier than she is, loyal to the point of insanity
Phoebe – based off of Phoebe Omlie, charter member of the 99s, crazy stuntwoman, known for wing walking, hanging below the plane by her teeth, and dancing the charleston on top of the plane (while she was flying it)
Pancho – based off of Florence Lowe “Pancho” Barnes, friend of Amelia, crazy pilot known for doing things others thought completely insane, once spent 9 months roaming the Mexican country side dressed as a man, very good at living off the land
Muriel or “Pidge” – based off of Grace Muriel Earhart, Amelia’s younger sister by two years and faithful minion

Hunting For Noon – searching for Noon and tasked with contacting Millie and/or getting him out of where ever he is, Millie expects irregular reports at best
Jackie – based off of Jacqueline Cochran, Amelia’s good friend and publically perceived biggest rival, thought by many to be the greatest aviatrix ever
Fay – based off of Fay Gillis Wells, charter member of the 99s and globe trotting journalist and broadcaster
Ila – based off of Ila Loetscher, charter member of the 99s, personal friend to Amelia, and noted environmentalist

Running Nebessa – searching for clients for Nebessan mercenaries, as well as the day to day running of the Shadow while Millie is absent
Eleanor – based off of Eleanor Roosevelt, a great supporter and friend of Amelia
Louise – based off of Louise Thaden, charter member of the 99s, friend and rival to Amelia, noted persuasive saleswoman, first VP of 99s
Neta – based off of Anita “Neta” Snook, the first woman to teach Amelia how to fly

Reserve – Ready to fill in as necessary
Lady Mary – based off of Lady Mary Heath, sponsor of Amelia’s 1928 transatlantic flight
Elsie – based off of Elsie MacGill, “Queen of the Hurricanes”, noted engineer and aircraft designer, famous member of the 99s
Nancy – based off of Nancy Bird Walton, first Australian aviatrix, wanted to fly before she could walk, famous member of the 99s


Millie Minions

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