The Logrus

The symbol of chaos, a construct housed deep within the Courts of Chaos and watched over by Suhuy. The Logrus allows it’s students to extend tendrils throughout the shadows, seeking out object ,and pulling the objects to them (or themselves to the objects). In addition, unlike The Pattern, the Logrus can be used as a focus for spells, allowing aspiring sorcerers to hang their spells upon it.

In order to walk the Logrus, one must possess the ability of shapeshifting. Due to the wild, chaotic nature of the construct, dangerous and lethal conditions can occur along the walk. AS such, anyone who attempts the walk without the ability to shapeshift invariably never finishes the walk.

After walking the Logrus, one goes through a period of mental instability and insanity, due to the new connection to direct Chaos.

Just as with Pattern, Logrus has been split up into partial segments, to make the accumulation of power much easier and more granular.

  • Logrus Initiation (15)
    • Rack Spells on the Logrus (3)
    • Summon Objects Through Shadow (5)
      • Black Paths (5)
      • Wield Tendrils (2)
      • Summon Creatures Of Chaos (3)
    • Fill Self With Logrus (3)
    • Weaken Object (5)
      • Alter Shadow (5)
        • Edit Shadow (5)
      • Control Creatures Of Chaos (10)
        • Shape Logrus Servants (4)
      • Control Primal Chaos (5)

Logrus Initiation
requires: Shape Shifting (Basic), Chaos Psyche, Chaos Endurance, walking the Logrus
costs: 15 points
Once one has walked the Logrus and returned to sanity, one finds that one has the instinctual knowledge required to bring the Logrus sign to mind (the process takes somewhere between thirty seconds and several minutes, depending on Psyche and Logrus skill). With the Sign, one can do a variety of things:

  • Look through the Sign. When using the Sign to filter one’s sight, one can see all manners of invisible constructs (there may be certain exceptions), most especially Logrus or Pattern constructs. It is also possible to see even in the total absense of light.
  • Wrap one’s hand in the Sign. When one’s hand is wrapped in the Sign, one can strike with a hard plane of force, at a range of several tens of feet. The force is normally invisible. Damage is dependent on Logrus Skill and Psyche, as is dexterity. This attack is initially quite clumsy. The Sign can also be used as a sort of ranged grabber, but it is less dexterous than simply grabbing something.
  • Superimpose the Sign on a construct. The effects will vary depending on the Construct. Doing this on Pattern may be a bad idea. Range is quite limited, only a few feet.

Note that no form of Shadowwalking is included in this power.

Rack Spells on the Logrus
Requires Logrus Initiation
Cost 3 points

Allows you to store your spells on a mental image of the Logrus

Summon Objects Through Shadow
requires: Logrus Initiation
costs: 5 points
This is a trick Merlin uses several times. It works best for simple, common items, and is well-described in the book. The item appears in the hand of the Logrus Wielder, and at least one hand must be free to use this Power.

Black Paths
requires: Summon Objects Through Shadow
costs: 5 points
Allows a Logrus Initiate to pass through Shadow, by pulling themselves with a Logrus tendril.

Fill Self with Logrus
requires: Logrus Initiation
costs: 3 points
A defensive power. Makes it harder to affect the user with magic, Trump, or Pattern (though Pattern may be dangerous to both the defender and the attacker).

Wield Tendrils
requires: Summon Objects Through Shadow
costs: 2 points

Allows one to do most of the things one could do by wrapping one’s hand in the Logrus Sign, without bothering to wrap one’s hands in the Logrus Sign. This is primarily useful because it lets you see invisible constructs at the same time as you do something with them, but also means that you can do multiple things at once (if your skill is high enough).

Weaken Object
requires: Logrus Initiation
costs: 5 points

This is similar to wearing down a magical construct, but can affect physical objects. It could work against a person, but it’s slow and requires the target to be still. Great for getting out of prisons and the like, however.

Alter Shadow
requires: Weaken Object
costs: 5 points

Make arbitrary changes to the local Shadow. Easier around Chaos, more difficult around Amber. The Changes quickly revert when concentration ends.

Summon Creatures of Chaos
requires: Summon Objects Through Shadow
costs: 3 points

Summon, but not control. It’s very dangerous to only have this power.

Control Creatures of Chaos
requires: Weaken Object
costs: 10 points

The ability to control creatures of chaos. Very useful if you’ve just summoned them.

Edit Shadow
requires: Alter Shadow
costs: 5 points

These are permanent (or, at least, long lasting) changes similar to Alter Shadow. Includes the ability to ward a Shadow against Trump and the like.

Shape Logrus Servants
requires Control Creatures of Chaos
Cost 4 points
As the book

Summon Primal Chaos
requires: Weaken Object
costs: 5 points

As described in the book.

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The Logrus

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