The Pattern

A grand, glowing construct in the basement of Castle Amber, the Pattern is the ultimate representation of order in the universe. Walking the Pattern allows one the ability to teleport anywhere in the universe, as well as fixing mental problems.

The catch is, it’s tiring. Walking the Pattern is no easy task. And if you stop walking, you die. And if you step off the Pattern, you die. And if you cross a line of the Pattern, you die. Although die isn’t strong enough of a word. Try erased from existence. Your only remains will be memories in other people’s minds. Walking the Pattern if you have less than Amber level Endurance, or when you’re tired, injured, or otherwise afflicted is a dangerous and suicidal prospect.

Instead of the standard power, I’m going to use a “Partial Power” breakdown for Pattern. This breakdown follows:

  • Basic Pattern (30)
    • Pattern Defense (5)
    • Hellriding (and Lead Others Through Shadow) (5)
      • Altering Rules (3)
        • Editing Shadow (5)
          • Shadow Pockets (2)
            • Shadow Erasure (3)
      • Shadowwalk to Non-Locations (5)
        • Shadowwalk to Abstractions (5)
    • Pattern Recognition (5)
      • Pattern Lens (7)

Basic Pattern
requires: Having walked the Pattern
costs: 30 points

These are the abilities which are trivial to use immediately after walking the Pattern. They include the power of the blood curse, the power to manipulate probabilities (though it will be a little flaky until your Pattern skill increases somewhat), and basic Shadowwalking. However, your Shadowwalking is confined to only being towards a specific destination that you visualize. No walking to “where ever Bleys is now,” no walking to “the solution to my problem,” and no Hellriding. You can walk towards generic items, such as “a sword,” “a sabre,” or “an IBM clone laptop with 32 Megs of RAM,” but not a specific item like “Greyswandir.” This level also allows you to sense the presence of Pattern in Shadows, indicating that one Shadow is more “real” than another.

Pattern Defense
requires: Basic Pattern
costs: 5 points

The ability to call the Pattern to mind and fill yourself with its energy. Makes you difficult to affect with Magic, Logrus, or Trump (though Logrus may be hazardous for both you and its wielder).

requires: Basic Pattern
costs: 5 points
You may now Shadowwalk faster if you are moving faster (for example, on a trained horse or in a vehicle). Essentially, with enough speed, you can make larger changes in a shorter period of time. You an also now lead others through Shadow with you.

Shadowwalk to Non-Locations
requires: Hellride
costs: 5 points
Allows you to Shadowwalk towards something that you don’t know the location of. For example, “Uncle Random,” “Mom,” “The Jewel of Judgment,” or the like. Much slower and less exact than Shadowwalking to a location, and if the person is in an area which is warded to Pattern, you’ll walk in circles and look silly.

Shadowwalk to Abstractions
requires: Shadowwalk to Non-Locations
costs: 5 points
Allows you to Shadowwalk towards vague ideas. Examples are “where I’m most needed,” or “the cause of our trouble.” This is very imprecise and may simply fail, or take the Shadowwalker where he or she subconsciously wants to go.

Pattern Sensing
requires: Basic Pattern
costs: 5 points
This is the same as the power given under Advanced Pattern in the DRPG. However, it does not include the power to create a Pattern lens. Pattern sensing can only show you areas you can currently see with your own eyes.

Pattern Lens
requires: Pattern Recognition
costs: 7 points
As the book.

Altering Rules
requires: Pattern Defense and Hellriding
costs: 3 points
Altering the rules is as the book describes. In this case, we are speaking solely of temporary changes to Shadow, which disappear shortly after the Initiate drops concentration.

Editing Shadow
requires: Altering Rules
costs: 5 points
Permanent alteration of Shadows, including the ability to bar an area from Trump or casual Shadowwalking.

Shadow Pockets
requires: Editing Shadow
costs: 2 points
As the book.

Shadow Erasure
requires: Shadow Pockets
costs: 3 points
The ability to erase entire shadows. Has an adverse effect on the universe nearby, spawning shadow storms and sucking abysses at times.

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The Pattern

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