Trump is a fairly unknown power, as it is. The ability to connect one place to another through artistic representations, it isn’t tied toThe Pattern or The Logrus as far as anyone can tell (or says they can tell). the most common use of trump are the decks of card that the royalty of both Amber and the Courts of Chaos use. These cards allow mind to mind contact across nearly any distance, and even allow for the teleportation from one location to another.

Skill at Trumps allows you to ability to pull off a number of neat little tricks, as well as the ability to create your own trumps (a useful skill with all the new folks arriving in Amber). Each Trump Artist has their own style, and more importantly, uses their own unique design for the back of their cards.

As the other large point powers, Trump has been split into Partial Power segments, as follows

Trump Artistry – 20
  • Sense Trump – 3
    • Create Trump Powered Artifact – 3
      • Trump Gate – 4
  • Trump ID – 5
    • Trump Jamming – 4
  • Trump Sketch – 5
    • Trump Spying – 5
    • Trump Memory – 5
      • Trump Trap (Requires Memory and Jamming) – 6

Trump Artistry
Requires Chaos Psyche
Cost 20 Points
The basic Trump power, this enables you to draw permanent Trump Cards (or dice, or whatever you want to draw it on) with a significant investment of time and energy. You also gain the ability to perform a Trump Defense, which can protect you from most unwelcome mental intrusion.

Sense Trump
Requires Trump Artistry
Cost 3 points
Allows you to notice items imbued with the power of Trump

Create Trump Artifact
Requires Sense Trump
Cost 7 Points
Allows you to use the power of Trump to create Artifacts

Create Trump Gate
Requires Create Trump Artifact, Ranked Endurance
Cost 4 Points
Creates an open Doorway from one place to another through the power of Trump. Requires a tremendous amount of energy to create and maintain.

Trump ID
Requires Trump Artistry
Cost 5 Points
Allows you to identify who is attempting to trump you, provided you have a trump for them. And a free hand or two to pan through the deck.

Trump Jamming
Requires Trump ID, Amber Psyche, Amber Endurance
Cost 4 Points
Allows you to jam trump communications for one or more people. Of course, if they really want to make a call, you might find yourself in a Psyche battle. So it’s probably a bad idea to try and jam a redhead

Trump Sketch
Requires Trump Artistry
Cost 5 Points
Allows you to create a short-lived Trump Sketch, with enough juice for one use. Note this only works for places, not people or objects.

Trump Spying
Requires Trump Sketch, Amber Psyche
Cost 5 Points
Allows you to overhear Trump conversations for people who you have a Trump for.

Trump Memory
Requires Trump Sketch, Ranked Endurance
Cost 5 Points
Allows you to establish Trump contact without a Trump. You must be very familiar with your intended contact, or you might be in danger. Further, it takes much more energy to perform this sort of contact than a normal trump contact.

Trump Trap
Requires Trump Spying and Trump Jamming, Ranked Psyche
Cost 6 Points
Allows all sorts of gimmicks with Trumps, from easily activated Trumps (so the slightest touch or glance establishes a connection), to Trumps that automatically transport the user somewhere undesirable, to Trumps that connect to a different place or person than is depicted on the image.

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