Well. That was interesting… I wonder what I can do now. and why didn’t that man kill me. he certainly seems capable of it and to have had ample opportunity. Sounds more like he doesn’t hate me so much as hate what he thinks I represent.

I think I could use some sleep… the stone floor was pleasant enough, better than some places I’ve slept, but not a patch on that bed in the castle.

[Section Illegible – Ed.]

My heritage will be recognized? Ha! I never knew my parents. I thought they died in the gang wars. Precious little was handed to me. Most of what I own, I took and if they say a power is my birthright, then I will take that too. I am not one to have such things handed to me.

They have given me a princess to guard. Well enough. I will know from her what is the situation and then I will decide where to go next.

yawn hopefully I’ve got time for a nap.. .I’m tired…. Hope auntie can….zzzzzzzz…...

[Totally worth it. Who do these lordlings think they are? Masters of all creation indeed. Say that I have no choice in the matter. No one tells me what I can or can’t do. I may not have the greatest choices in the world, but there is a limit to their power. I can see that limit, and I look forward to the day I step beyond their horizons. They will kneel before me one day.]

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